What Causes Muscle Twitches? Find the reasons!

What causes muscle twitches

Muscle twitching is also referred as muscle fasciculation. It involves the muscle contractions in the body. The muscles are made up of fibers which help to control the nerves. Sometimes the damaged nerves twitch the muscle and become the reason for concern. You must not be unnoticed the twitches because sometimes the conditions may lead to severe health problems. You cannot control the muscle twitching because it tightens the muscle which happens for many reasons. The minor twitches go away in few days, but the severe conditions are caused due to the nerve problems, Find out what causes muscle twitches and the reasons behind them.

What Causes Muscle Twitches?

There are many conditions which cause muscle twitching. The minor twitching pain is less severe and may disappear in days. They may occur because of the different lifestyle reasons, but the severe pain indicates the critical condition.

What Causes Muscle Twitches? Minor reasons!

Following are the common causes of muscle twitching which includes

  • Any physical activity which may accumulates lactic acid in the muscles. In this situation, mostly legs, arms, and back are
  • People who consume caffeine too much
  • Individuals who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. In such conditions, the nervous veins get a twitch and affects the muscles.
  • Deficiency of nutrients cause spasms in muscles and other parts of the body such as eyelids, hands and calves, common deficiencies include vitamin B, vitamin D, and calcium.
  • If you suffer from dehydration, then it also causes the muscle to contract especially the larger muscles arms, legs, and torso.
  • The nicotine and tobacco
  • Taking adverse drugs triggers the muscle spasms such as hands, arms and legs.

All of these causes are minor conditions which can be resolved with medication and in a couple of days. If you still suspect the muscle twitching, then you must consult your doctor.

What causes muscle twitches minor

What Causes Muscle Twitches? Serious causes

Mostly muscle twitching leads to minor conditions which are caused due to certain changes in life. Some spasms trigger the severe cases and relate to nervous system because nerves are connected to muscles. They also lead to spinal cord and brain and damages the nerves which lead to twitching.

Some rare conditions are

  • Isaac syndrome which affects the nerves and stimulates them, it results in the frequent twitching in arms and leg muscles.
  • Muscular dystrophies are the inherited diseases which weaken the muscles with time and cause muscle pain in the shoulders, neck area, hips and even in the face.
  • When the motor nerve cells are damage in the spinal cord, the movement of tissue is severely In this condition, the twitch is felt on the tongue known as spinal muscular atrophy.What causes muscle twitches serious

The muscle twitching is not a serious condition but in rare cases, proper medical care is recommended to seek the appropriate reason behind it. It is good to consult your doctor if you suffer from the persistent issue or chronic pain. What Causes Muscle Twitches is a physician is unable to find the reason then proper tests will be conducted.

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