The Easiest and the Nutritious Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes

Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes

Do you like to cook? If yes then you will know the importance of a healthy breakfast. Only a nutritious breakfast can keep you and your family healthy. You must have different ideas for breakfast, but these are the slow cooker recipes which have a highly nutritious value. If you are looking for some Crock Pot breakfast recipes here are a few.

Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes

Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes for a Casserole

It is an overnight hash brown breakfast casserole. It is not only delicious but also nutritious and healthy. The name of the recipe is Healthy Crockpot breakfast dish. You can prepare it in four hours and 15 minutes. The ingredients for this recipe are:

12 eggs: You will need eight whole eggs and four egg whites, one cup milk, salt, half onion chopped, peppers chopped, bacon, broccoli, frozen hash browns, 1 Tbsp mustard, a few slices of garlic, and cheddar cheese (6 oz.).

How to prepare:

First, take a bowl and whisk the eggs and egg whites with milk, mustard, salt, garlic, and pepper. Make sure that you whisk well and everything is mixed.

Now set the crock pot and grease it with oil, put the hash browns and on top of those put the bacon. Spread the cheese, onions, and pepper on it and then at last pour the whisked mixture on it. Cook it on a low temperature for four hours and then serve.

Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes for a Slow Cooker Shrimps

It is one of the best breakfast recipes of all time. It is delicious and nutritious. The ingredients of this recipe are Six US cups of chicken broth, two pounds of fresh/raw shrimps, one tbsp each of garlic and onion powder, one cup cheddar cheese, one cup cooking grits, and 3 ounce light cream cheese.

How to prepare:

Get a slow cooker and put in the grits along with chicken broth. Add the ingredients mentioned above in the cooker only leave the onions, light cream cheese, and shrimps. Cook on low for three hours. Once you smell it right, add raw shrimp to it. You can add more broth too. After that, cook it for half an hour. Garnish with onions and cheese and then serve hot.

Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes for a Pie

The Crock Pot recipes are the best. It is the easy-cook cockpit breakfast pie. It is also another overnight breakfast recipe.

The ingredients you will need are eight eggs, onions, garlic powder, shredded potatoes, vegetables of your choice, meat sausage, salt and pepper to taste.

To prepare you will first get the Crockpot, grease it with coconut oil. Put the shredded potatoes at the bottom, put the whisked eggs, put the vegetables and mix slightly so that the eggs spread over the vegetables properly, and then add salt and pepper. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. Serve when ready.

You will surely like these crock pot breakfast recipes. Try them at home and give your family a nutritious start for the day. These are all easy to make,and you will also find the ingredients easily.


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