The Best Red Cabbage Recipe for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Red Cabbage recipe

There are many kinds of food which people love to eat at different times. The red cabbage is one of the vegetables which you can cook for breakfast, lunch and the dinner. The red cabbage recipe for dinner and breakfast is excellent, and the recipe for the lunchtime with red cabbage is delicious. Here are the three red cabbage recipes for three different times of the day.

red cabbage

Red cabbage recipe for the breakfast

The recipe for breakfast is red cabbage and potato hash. It is one of the easiest and quick recipes for your breakfast.  The ingredients for this recipe are half Kg of diced potatoes, salt, black pepper, butter or oil (whatever you prefer I like the taste of butter), 100 grams of red cabbage and eggs. Prepare a frying pan, add butter. Fry the diced potatoes for 15 minutes. Add salt to taste and 1 tbsp black pepper. Cook for further one minute. Add red cabbage and cook for further two minutes. Then whisk the eggs and pour in the pan. Cook for a minute or until the eggs fry. Serve with tea.

Red cabbage recipe for lunch

For the lunch time, you can make the sweet and sour red cabbage.  It is tasty and also nutritious.  The ingredients required for this recipe are 3-tbsp butter, one onion, two apples sliced, and two cups cabbage (shredded). You also need fennel seeds, three cups of chicken or beef stock (whatever you prefer), half a cup of vinegar, salt, celery seed, ½ tbsp black pepper and quarter cup (US) brown sugar.

How to prepare:

Put the large saucepan on the stove, sauté with two tbsp butter and apple slices. Cook for a minute till apple slices tender. Add one tbsp butter, red cabbage, salt, pepper and onions and cook for another five minutes.  Now pour the stock (I prefer beef stock) and vinegar in the pan. Cook until boiled. Add celery seeds, fennel seeds, and brown sugar. Cook for another half hour. You can serve this when hot or even after it cools down.

Red cabbage recipe for dinner

It is the recipe for red cabbage bacon salad. It is a highly nutritious dish for the dinner. It is the best red cabbage salad recipe. The ingredients for this recipe are boneless chicken cut in cubes, one tbsp fennel seeds to taste, one cup water, one onion, two apples, red cabbage, salt, black pepper, 120 ml vinegar, butter and olive oil.

Prepare the saucepan and add olive oil. Put the onions and cook until turn brown, add fennel seeds, salt, and black pepper and cook for another two minutes. Add apple chunks and cabbage slices and cook for 10 minutes at low temperature. Add one cup water and chicken pieces and cook further 15 minutes. Serve with tortillas. So, if you are wondering what to do with red cabbage, try the above red cabbage recipe. You will love these recipes. These three recipes are easy to make and also do not take time.

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