Stages of Life From Different Perspectives

The growth of human body is a natural phenomenon which can be divided into some stages. Lots of scholars and philosophers studied stages of life to find out a total number of stages in the life of a human and how his needs and thinking changes with every stage.

Stages of Life

Physical Stages of Life

There are three main stages of life; childhood, youth, and maturity but these are very broad categories. Every stage can further be divided into subcategories. Childhood can be divided into four stages including birth, infancy, middle childhood, and late childhood.   All these stages represent an emotion. For instance, birth represents the hope and gives us the courage to stay positive. All other stages represent the imagination, playfulness, vitality, passion, energy, and happiness. The next stage of youth is all about ambition. You will feel lots of mixed emotions at this stage. You will feel and understand love, trust, loyalty, betrayal, despair, power, and other such emotions. This stage is the roller coaster of emotions and you will need to channel your emotion for better future. This is the most critical stage of life which not only decides your future but also play an important role for the future of your community. The last stage is the maturity in which people help youth to stay on the right path.

Need Based Stages of Life

Stages of human life are not only about their biological changes but also about changes in their need. The first need-based stage of life is the need of water and food. This is the basic need of all living organism but animals and plants don’t go beyond this need. Humans are most intelligent species and they don’t satisfy on water and food. After the accumulation of water and food, they feel the need of companionship; therefore, there are societies, communities, cities, and countries. People prefer to live with other people of the same mindset to take the advantages of each other. You will observe that if you live lonely for few days or weeks you will feel serious mental changes in yourself. You may even turn violent or go mad. The next need-based stage is the need of security. You will have to feel secure in your community, therefore, there are the police department, security system and laws to fulfill your this need.

Stages of Life by Caspar David Friedrich

The study about different phases of life is not conducted by scholars but artists also worked on it. Casper David Friedrich, an artist, painted a portrait and named it “stages of life”. In this picture, he portraits how a man turns from young to old and goes from shore to the ocean and at the end disappears in the ocean.

All these perspectives about stages of life tell us one thing that life is permanent. Everyone has to die and they should live their life to their full and try to leave their positive mark. Great men are those who leave this world in better shape when they die. It is not possible for everyone to change the world. Only some exceptional individual achieved this goal in history but you can change the lives of your children and their next generation by giving them knowledge about life and its purpose.