Lower body workouts for your hips and thighs

Everyone wants a fit and an athletic body. Both men and women try and find the easiest and the quickest ways to stay healthy through various exercises. If you are also looking to stay fit, then try out these exercises for the lower body. The lower body workouts are a must to make sure that you run faster, never get tired of walking the long distances, be robust and healthy. The lower body parts are the butt, hips, and thighs.  You will find hundreds of lower body workouts for men and women.

Here in this article, I have discussed a few lower body workouts for your hips and thighs. These are easy to perform lower body exercises.

Lower body workouts for hips

The first exercise is the Plie Squat. You can easily carry out this lower body workout at home. The best time to perform this exercise morning right after the sunrise.

Lower body workouts for hips

This activity focuses on hamstrings and glutes. First, you need to stand tall and then bend your legs wide. Make sure that you do not bend the legs forward, but broader in the direction of your shoulders. Keep the back straight and feet facing front, if you are not sure about it please read about yoga burn for women.

Get your arms in front of your face like a yoga pose. Lower yourself into a deep squat. Once you get your thighs as low as possible, get up and repeat for at least five times in three sets.

Perform Lower body workouts without any equipment 

Another great way to get strong thighs and hips is to perform this exercise. These are the side lunges. You won’t need any equipment to perform this task. The best time to perform this workout is early in the morning or the noon when the sun is high.

You will get better results if you sweat more. It focuses on hamstrings, quads, core, and glutes. To begin stand tall. Keep your feet straight and legs at a hip width. Do not move your right foot and take your left foot and move it outwards. Go as far as you can. Stop when you feel the stretch in the hamstrings.

Now sink your upper body downwards towards the left foot. Keep this position until you feel more stretch in the hamstrings. Now push the left leg by engaging the thighs and come back to the standing position. Now do the same for the right foot and leg.  Repeat five times on each side. Perform three sets in a day.


Lower body workouts with fire hydrant position

It is another great exercise to make the lower body stable. The best time to perform this exercise is early in the morning. You will get better for any workout when you sweat more. To carry out this task, you have to lie down on your hands and knees.

Get into a table position. Make sure that you have your knees at a 90 degrees angle. Push the left leg outwards and upwards parallel to the back. Push as far as you can. Repeat for the right leg. Perform this at least three times in a day.

These are some of the best and easy to do lower body workouts which do not need any equipment. These are three different types of exercises you can easily perform at home.