How Long Is Cooked Chicken Last In Fridge And Freezer

Chicken is most consumed meat in every part of the world due to the quick and easy breeding of hen. Technology has improved the breeding process of hens. It is very easy to get cooked and uncooked chicken but the main issue is to store it. Lots of people must be wondering how long is cooked chicken last. It depends on how well you cooked the chicken and where you want to store it.

How Long Is Cooked Chicken Last In Fridge

If you are thinking about storing cooked chicken in the fridge then you can only protect it for few days.  It depends on the quality of fridge, climate of your region, cooking method, and settings of your fridge. If your fridge is working at maximum strength and you have roasted chicken to store then it can last for almost 5 days. If your fridge is at medium and you live in the cold region then 4 days is the average time for cooked chicken to survive. Other ingredients in your dish also decide how long your dish last. If you have some vegetables in your dish then it is recommended to consume it within two days.

In a normal situation, it is recommended to not store chicken for more than 3 days because your food will start to rot and it will also make other food smelly.  You can seal the dish with a plastic bag to avoid the smell just in case if you forget to use the cooked chicken within 2 to 3 days. You should cook chicken as per you family need so that you don’t have to store it but this problem usually arise during festivals when you want to cook lots of dishes and then you end up storing them all in your fridge.

How Long Is Cooked Chicken Last In Freezer

Freezers are meant t store food for an excessively long time. You can even store cooked chicken for almost 4 months in your freezer. It is due to the fact that the extremely low temperature kills the bacteria which decompose food and your dish stay fresh for months. It is recommended to get a big sized freezer just to store food during different celebratory events. It will save you a serious amount of food for a month or two after the end of the event.

Your freezer will keep your food fresh and you will be able to eat it whenever you want. If you have ice cream in your freezer, then cover the food tightly to prevent the exchange of aroma. Freezers also consume too much electricity, therefore, it is recommended to use it only for special purposes. You should turn it off if you don’t have any food to store to avoid high electricity bills. You can adjust the cooling of your freezer according to the external environment. No need to run your freezer at full power during winter season.

The real question is not that how long is cooked chicken last. The real question is how you should preserve your cooked chicken. There are some special refrigerators which come with big-sized fridge and freezer compartments. You can get them to ensure that you can store any food at any time of the year.