Cheap meal ideas, Eat healthy, delicious and inexpensive

Cheap meal ideas

If you have guests most of the time visiting you, and the food servings take you out of the budget, it gets pretty frustrating. You will not be willing to spend a lot on it particularly if you are already on a tight budget. Therefore, we bring some cheap meal ideas to you. Using it, you can give healthy and delicious food to your guests to eat without spending too much money.

Sticky rice, vegetables and soy sauce

It is a simple meal that is easy to cook. All you need to do is to steam up some rice, heat up the vegetables (frozen or bagged) to the extent that they are almost cooked as well. Add the vegetables in your rice and then mix it well along with the soy sauce. It may not seem too catchy but is surely a simple to cook, cheap and a relatively healthy meal.

Black beans and rice

Black beans and rice is something that is loved by almost everyone around. It is something that is easy to cook, inexpensive and pretty much delicious as well. To make it, heat up some oil in a cooking pot and add sliced onion and garlic to it. Heat them up for about 4 minutes and add rice to it. Saute it for 2 more minutes and add the vegetable broth. Let it get to almost boiling and then lower the heat. Keep it at low heat for about 20 minutes. Add spices and beans just before you are about to present it to your guests.

Garlic cheese and tomato soup

Have some soup lovers in your guest list tonight? Well if yes, then do not worry. Here is a tomato and garlic cheese soup that will help you in presenting the favorite meal top the guests and the cost of it is also pretty reasonable. You can bring the already made grilled cheese. However, we suggest that you make it at home as it saves you certain dollars. Take four slices of bread and butter them. Lay them on a frying pan and add a slice of cheese to it. Then add another slice of bread at the top of buttered ones. You may like to add tomato slices or bacon before adding the latter slice (as it will add up to the taste). Rotate the sides so that you can get both of them golden brown and ensure that the cheese slice between them is completely melted. Use either the can of Campbell or the box of organic tomato bisque for making soup and add the grilled cheese to it to make it taste awesome. It is cost about $6 (depending on the ingredients you use) and is enough for 4 servings.

Chickpeas and Pasta

If you are someone who loves vegetarian or a person who is avoiding meat, then this meal is something for you to taste. Heat up a package of pasta on your stove top. Ensure that it has reached the al dente state. Drain it and add a jar of pasta sauce (if you can have homemade marinara it would be better) and chickpeas. Adding a small diced onion will enhance its taste. Mix it well and cook it until you have your onions cooked.

So these are some cheap meal ideas. Try them and tell us which one is most delicious.

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