Bicep And Tricep Workout With Different Gym Tools

Everyone wants to stay healthy with a fit physique but very few of them are willing to give their time and money to achieve this goal. Those who are committed to their body regularly visit the gym or training center to stay fit because gym provides most appropriate equipment for exercise. When it comes to the bicep and tricep workout you need only three tools including barbell curl, dumbbell, and cable hammer. You will find out how to use these three tools to get muscular arms.

Barbell Curl: Bicep And Tricep Workout

Barbell Curl Bicep And Tricep Workout

Barbell Curl is a tool with a long rod of three feet or so with some weight on both hands. You will have to pick it with both your hands. The best technique to use this tool with light weight is to pick them and stand straight while keep you hand down.  Now curl your both hands slowly so that the barbell reaches to the height of your chest.This exercise will put pressure on your bicep. You should go with three sets of 10 curls to start this exercise. If you are beginner then no need do too many curls because it will induce serious pain in your arms. Repeat this exercise several times after getting used to it. You do this exercise in your home too because this tool is not very expensive.

Dumbbell: Bicep And Tricep Workout

Dumbbell Bicep And Tricep Workout

The dumbbell is the most popular exercise tool in every gym. It isundoubtedly the most efficient tool for the bicep workout. Take two dumbbells and stand straight while keeping your arms down. Now curl you one arm to the height of your chest then take it down slowly. Repeat the same with the second arm.  You just do at least 2 set with 10 repetitions of one arm.  You can also do this workout in your home with a dumbbell of appropriate weight. One thing you must care about is that you should not focus on one arm. You should focus on both arms and give the same time to both hands otherwise your both arms  otherwise, bicep of your one arm will go bigger than the other one and you will not be able to wear t-shirt due to strange looks of your arms.

Cable Hammer: Bicep And Tricep Workout

This tool is used triceps workout. You will not be able to do this exercise in your home because this tool is expensive and require some space. It is a very effective tool and every easy to use too. First of all, grab the hook of the cable while standing close to the machine. Then, pull the cable down to your legs so that you arms get straight. You will feel pressure on your bicep. You should go with the 3 set of 12 repetitions because it will be the only workout for triceps.

You must keep in mind that the success of a workout depends on your technique and commitment. All these activities for bicep and tricep workout can get your muscular arm within a couple of months if you don’t skip the exercise and stay honest with it. It is recommended to do some chest and legs exercises to keep the body shape perfect. It will be weird to have muscular arms with a small chest and weak legs.