24 Hour Flu,Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

24 hour flu

Flu is the short name of influenza which is a respiratory virus which induces the feeling of vomiting and also causes diarrhea. There is a special type of flu in which patient experience extreme diarrhea and vomiting. This type of flue is referred as stomach flu but some people also called this medical condition as 24 hour flu because in some cases this flu goes away after the 24 hours but this flu can stay for as long as 10 days. Here you will find out about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of this disease.

Symptoms of 24 Hour Flu

A disease can be diagnosed by identifying the presence of its symptoms. The main symptoms of this disease are following .

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Mild fever
  • Pain in muscles
  • Diarrhea without bleeding. If bleeding happens with diarrhea then you are experiencing some other disease.

All these symptoms seem very serious because the presence of these symptoms can ruin your whole day. You may experience some of these symptoms but if they are severe then you should not wait to visit your doctor.

Causes of 24 Hour Flu

This is an infectious disease and causes a serious disturbance. In adults, the main cause of this disease is the consumption of contaminated and undercooked food. Once a family member gets this disease other members of the family can also get this infection through physical interaction. Kids usually suffer from this disease because they play with dust and sometimes even eat it. Infants can get this infection from their mothers and other family members. The digestive system of kids is relatively more sensitive than adults therefore they can get this infection rather easily. It is not known that which bacteria or virus can cause this disease but it is sure that this disease has a direct relation with the domestic hygiene. The presence of dust on crockery can contaminate the food which leads to this disease. Stomach flu is slightly different from food poisoning because food poisoning can stay from several days but stomach flu stays for a day or two in most of the cases.

Treatment of 24 Hour Flu

Treatment of 24 Hour Flu

The treatment of stomach flu depends on the age of the patient and symptoms. If the patient is the adult and showing only the signs of a headache then simple medicine for a headache can do the trick but it happens very rarely. Usually, adults experience vomiting and diarrhea and there are lots of medicines and syrups to treat these two conditions. If you situations not serious then you can wait for a day for the flu to go away but if you are vomiting two times a day and experiencing diarrhea with the need to use the restroom every couple of hours then you must visit your doctor. He will give you a fitting prescription and recommend you some fruits like banana. In the case of the infant, you should visit the doctor if he is crying continuously and has vomit one or twice. Infants can tell about their pain so you must not wait.

24 Hour Flu is a curable but very disturbing disease. It is recommended to prevent this infection rather than treating it. Mother and housewives should keep their home and crockery clean because it is about the health of their family.

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